Christian Winzenried

born Apr 1, 1837 in Belp Switzerland

died Nov 10, 1879 in Terre Haute Indiana

Son of Beat Christian and Margaretha Streit Winzenried

Immigrated to U.S.A Aug. 20 1852

Naturalized, 1855 in New Philadelphia, Ohio

Moved to Terre Haute Indiana in 1867

Mary Elizabeth Gerold born Aug 13, 1840

daughter of Philip and Mary A. Gerold of New Philadelphia, Ohio

married Sept. 22, 1860 in New Philadelphia, Ohio


CA July 1861 New Philadelphia, Ohio Maggie M.
Feb. 4, 1865 Illinois Phillip C
Jan. 16, 1869 Terre Haute, Ind George Andrew
Jan 16, 1870 Terre Haute, Ind Barbara "Babe"
Jan 6, 1872 Terre Haute, Ind Johann (John H.)
CA 1874 Terre Haute, Ind Christopher
CA 1877 Terre Haute, Ind August
Aug 1878 Terre Haute, Ind Florence M.